Saturday, April 18, 2009

Growing up

Our little boy is growing up! Since I last posted in February, Cardon is an ace crawler and loves pulling himself up! It definitely has made life more interesting around here and has resulted in more than one bruise to the forehead. I guess that's how they learn, huh? Cardon continues to be an absolute joy to us. We constantly ask ourselves how we got such a cute, well-mannered boy, and then continue to thank Heavenly Father for him. Other events in the past couple months were mine and Cardon's trip to Missouri to see my sister Claire and her new son, Carter. We were able to completely surprise my mom who had no idea we would be there. It was priceless! Justin has been working in New Hampshire for the past month consulting for Stoneyfield Farms yogurt and will be on the project until May. It has been a huge blessing, so we appreciate all the prayers out there. They are definitely getting answered! Stay tuned for pictures from Easter and our fun spring flowers!

Doing laundry

Justin and Cardon in front of the Horseshoe

I know I don't post many pix of me, so here I am!

Justin and Cardon in the basement with the train

In his dino pjs!

With his new cousin Carter

With cousin Ellie

Carter, 10 days and Cardon, 8 months (Carter's the only baby that makes Cardon look big!)

With Auntie Lisa

All the ladies in Missouri

Climbing through the end table

Eating an animal cracker (kinda gross, but you can see his bottom teeth)

Folding his arms, so cute!

Discovering the DVD towers (you turn you back for a second...)


Allison Holmes said...

What a cutie that little guy is! Looks like all you girls had fun!

kates said...

Ah, I love that picture with his arms folded! Super cute kid! Thanks for posting!


Great pictures! Thanks for posting them all!
It was fun to see Cardon in person too!

Becky Henson said...

Such a cutie! Love all the great photos and seeing how you guys are doing. By the way, love the wood floors as well!

Moser Family said...

Well Carter is gaining weight (9 lbs 1 oz at 2 months!) so at the rate Cardon is gaining... and the rate Carter is gaining... Carter will dwarf Cardon in about 4 months! :)